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  Rosette blog story 2 : Birthday Party for Rosette Brown
  Writer : soom     Date : 09-02-18 13:01     HIT : 6850    

All the students are so exciting today, because it is Valentine’s Day 14th of Feb.

You exchange people and a gift and a letter, and it is happy Valentine's Day confirming mutual preciousness that it loved. A thought even is that kind of a mind becoming warm.

And there is one more special event for 14th of Feb.

It is Principal Mr. Rosette Brown’s birthday. If it was February 14th, they were not splendid but a party was very special as we commemorated a birthday of a principal Mr. Rosette Brown.

It is small festival only for the School of Rosette. And we called the “Rosette Brown Day” instead of “Valentine's Day”.


All raw the whole school wears a chocolate color school uniform like one consciousness on this day.

There seem to be the friends which this day waits for that you were able to get from just once only in a year as it is a special school uniform. I’m one of them.

Today, we open the Rose-house for the guests. WE can invite our friends and family.

We share some chocolate and some scones which made wholeheartedly all together last night, and we eat, and we have a happy tea party.

Armeria who loves a scone was very interesting and exciting, and Marguerite’s handmade rose scones were popular among all.

Carmelia showed the chocolate which you did not gain weight because of even if no matter how ate very much.  (But it was not good, it was so weird. Don’t tell about this to Carmelia.)

Violet was lifted by a beautiful violin performance, and Fir recited a love poem in a pretty voice.

And we dance the Waltz in the evening at the Rose-House.

Can a figure to dance a Marguerite and her boyfriend waltz read to the following Rosette Brown Day?

I dream that I wear the special Chocolate color School uniform and dance a waltz with someday a person who I love in Rose House.

siar   09-02-24 13:09
Sounds like everyone has so much fun. I love that everyone wears the chocolate unifor for this event and calls it Rosette Brown day.  Makes it more special
Alice   09-03-31 00:19
The uniforms are just so adorable; perfect for such a celebration for Rosette's founder!
Mariethere…   09-04-09 16:50
That sounds wounderful... and what the girls presented, how cute!!
The idea with the uniforms is good. They're looking like princesses.